Fresh, sustainable and locally sourced...


We use SUNDAY collab Arabica coffee from Brazil and Central America cultivated on Rainforest Alliance Certified plantations of prized origins. Roasted in Italy, our coffee is rich and smooth and, with our state of the art barista-style coffee machines, we have a range of coffee styles available to order on the menu. Double shots are standard within all of our coffees. Alternative milk, decaf and iced coffee available.


Our cakes are made by a range of local bakeries including the award winning Exploding Bakery based in Exeter. We have a wide range of cakes on offer, including many vegan and gluten free options.


Fresh and full of nothing but fruit and juice, our smoothies are always a hit with those looking for a healthy and refreshing drink option. We often change up our smoothie menu but at current you can choose from the passion storm, ginger & beetroot, green goodness or many more.

Breakfast Bowls

Whether it's a acai bowl or a granola bowl, our breakfast bowls are made fresh to order and make for the best healthy breakfast or lunch treat. The acai bowl includes an acai smoothie base made with coconut milk, meanwhile the granola bowl has a yoghurt and granola layered base. Both bowls are then topped with loads of fresh fruit, granola, coconut, cacao nibs, chia seeds and honey. The acai bowl can be made vegan and GF by leaving out the granola and honey.


Supplied by the multi-award winning Chunk of Devon, our pasties, turnovers and sausage rolls are everyones guilty pleasure. The best warm apres-sea snack or lunchbreak refuel to see you through the rest of the day. The steak pasty has won the best pasty in Great Britain, while the Vegan pasty provides a wholemeal healthier alternative. Choose from the traditional steak pasty, chicken & chorizo pasty, roast veg pasty (V), chunki jumbo sausage roll, or the squash, spinach and cheese turnover (VG).

Ice Cream

Ice-cream is always on the menu, whether it's 30 knotts and hailing or a summer heatwave. Treleavens provide our luxury icecream, and with 10 irresistible flavours on the menu, we've always got everybody's favourite. Vegan and GF options available.